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Matching Pair
It was a holiday for two, and three years divorced Isabel had no one to go with. So best friend Lorna stepped into the breach. What could possibly go wrong?
This extended short story (approx. 92 pages) is my most recent book. A contemporary love story with a twist, it is set during a Mediterranean holiday for two; a trip that does not go entirely to plan.
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Sp Cover web
A Spurious Brood
This is a multi stranded love story set in the early seventeenth century. It is based on the true story of Katherine More, youngest daughter of an ancient Shropshire family, whose four children were taken from her to be transported to America on board the Pilgrim Fathers’ ship the Mayflower.
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The Mayflower Children
This e-book sets out the factual background to the story of Katherine More and her children. The ebook includes the full text of Samuel More’s 1622 account of events, with a detailed and fully referenced analysis of the historical evidence. Buy the e-book from Amazon, or by following this link.

The Professionals (Trentham 2005)
Where do Britain's teachers come from - and why do so many abandon their career after a few years in the job? What kind of teachers do we want in our schools and what kind of profession are today's wannabe teachers entering? Is teaching a profession at all? ‘The Professionals’ was the Times Educational Supplement’s 'book of the week' and The Guardian devoted a double page spread to the issues raised. I still have a few copies available for sale. Please contact me direct.

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