Phil Revell

Broseley Circuit
A mix of streets, Jitties and tracks around the edges of Broseley, taking in the Church, Penns Meadow and the Haycop.

Length: 3.2 miles (5.2km)
Can be muddy in places.
At a moderate pace this should take approximately 1h 20 mins
Park in the Library / Health Centre free car park in Broseley centre (TF12 5EL).
Public toilets – none after Broseley centre.

Walk instructions
Turn left out of the car park and left again into Hockley Road.
Go past the Duke of York pub and up the hill, turning right at the top into Swan Street, and then immediate left onto a tarmac footpath - Mill Lane. Follow this path until it widens out into a street. Go past an old workshop and past a tiny green into Chapel Lane. At the crossroads ahead go straight on into Cape Street.

0 minutes

Walk down Cape Street, ignoring the first junction into Queen Street. Cape Street becomes King Street. After an old factory unit on your left turn left immediately by a patch of waste ground - marked Botswell Bank, which I think is misspelt; it should be Boswell Bank. Going a hundred yards further on at this point takes you to the Broseley Pipe museum.
Walk down Boswell Bank; this is a Broseley ‘jitty’, one of a network of paths in the area. The ‘well’ is inside the garden of the first house to your left. At the bottom of the jitty turn right onto Speeds Lane. Walk past the cottages and enter Penns Meadow by the kissing gate. Cross the meadow turning right onto Bridge Road at the top.
Go down Bridge Road for approximately 100 metres, ignoring one jitty to your left. Take the next jitty, marked Ding-Dong Steps, and follow the track between houses and up steps onto Simpsons Lane.

20 minutes

Walk down Simpsons Lane, over a small rise, and onto Quarry Lane. Pass the old post office with its wall-mounted postbox, then take the next Jitty to the right. This climbs between the houses then levels out. Ignore turns to left and right, and keep straight on this path until you emerge onto a tarmac road – Cobwell Road.
Turn right here, walk uphill for a few yards then left down a track. Keep on ’til the entrance to a house, and you will see a clear path leading straight ahead. Take this path, ducking under over handing trees when necessary, and walk for approximately 125 metres until steps lead up into a field.
Follow the field edge, first to the right, and then uphill (usually muddy and sometimes planted too close to the field edge) alongside a hedge, until you cross another tarmac road. This is Balls Lane.

35 minutes

Cross the lane onto a clear path. Pass the old spoil mound to your left and then follow a muddy path next to a fence down to the Fish House. Walk past the big double gates and follow the boundary hedge around to the left between the Fish House and the industrial units. You will pass a goat house and then the track emerges between houses onto a housing estate.
Turn left onto Brandywell Road, then cross Cockshutt Lane and enter Bramblewood, turning left at the end of the cul-de-sac onto a clear track behind houses. This track passes the primary school and emerges onto Dark Lane.

Turn right up Dark Lane, passing the school, and walk for about two hundred metres until you see a dirt track next to a house on the left hand side of the road. Follow this to the Haycop, passing the old Broseley water supply behind a metal fence.
Take the steps down through the Haycop, passing the pond and following a clear track through trees and joining a path where you turn right, exiting the Haycop through an old gate onto Ironbridge Road.

55 minutes

Follow the main road footpath past the cemetery, then turn right through a gate, following first the cemetery boundary, and then passing behind houses until you exit behind the Church.
Walk through the church grounds to the road ahead – Church Street. Turn right here and follow Church Street to the mini roundabout at the bottom of the High Street. Cross here by the estate agents, and then cross again to the health centre / library to take you back to your starting point.

1 hour 20 minutes

This route walked in Aug. 2014

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